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Our Company

Formula-A Company was established in 2003 as an importing company. And runs a plant that produces agricultural related chemicals Pesticides used in homes Chemicals used with aquatic animals And used for livestock The company has continuously grown as a result of the distribution business to stores nationwide. Therefore make the company successful and be considered a leading company in the country

Company Value

Innovation Leader

The company has a corporate culture that always encourages thinking and puts emphasis on innovation to be able to deliver valuable and quality products to customers.

Adapt to the situation

The company is prepared to deal with the ever-changing market and increasing competition. In order to be able to deliver the product to the customer efficiently


As the company has built trust between the company and its partners Allowing the company to expand the business and gain the trust of customers as well.

Corporate social responsibility

The company has a policy to encourage employees to pay attention to the environment around the factory. By being aware of the activities that the factory operates on how the environment.


The company aims to achieve its goals. Is able to deliver products that the customer wants.


The company aims to be the leader in delivering quality products that the customer has expected or exceeds expectations.


The company aims to bring products to the domestic market thoroughly. And is an option that everyone wants.


The company aims to offer products at a value price and quality.

Marketing and packaging positions

The company maintains the ability to compete and maintain market status. And presenting suitable packaging


The company will use effective marketing strategies and tools to maintain its market leadership position.

Human resources

The company has trained personnel to be able to work effectively with business partners. While also creating a new generation of personnel who can follow the philosophy Corporate culture And able to adapt to the changing market with high competition.


The company is able to effectively and efficiently implement strategies and policies.

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